RPT Booklet - Procedures and Criteria for Performance Review and Periodic Evaluation

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RPT Booklet Appendices

Number Description
1 Faculty Activities Report
2 Joint Activity Report
3 Index of Attachments
4A-1 Department Chair Recommendation
4A-2 Department Chair Recommendation - Department Guidelines
4B-1 Department Evaluation Committee Recommendation
4B-2 Department Evaluation Committee Recommendation - Department Guidelines
5A College Dean Recommendation
5B College Evaluation Committee Recommendation
6 University Evaluation Committee Recommendation
7 Periodic Evaluation For Tenured Faculty and First, Third, And Fifth Year Probationary Faculty
8 Periodic Evaluation For Temporary Faculty (Full-Time and Part-Time)
9 Classroom Visitation Report
10A SOTE Overview
10B Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness
10C Faculty Supplemental Comment Form
10D Teaching Improvement Supplemental Questions
11 Timetable For Periodic Evaluation And Performance Review-See Time Table Above
12 Schedule Of Classroom Visitations (CV) and Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE) / Student Evaluations Of Supervision Effectiveness