Department Chairs List
2016/17 Academic Year

*New Appointment

List as of 9/15/16

College of Arts and Letters

First Name Last Name Phone Ext.


Department Position
Terry Ballman 75800 tballman Dean
Rueyling Chuang 73807 rchuang Assoc.Dean
Matthew Poole 75808 matthew.poole Art Chair
Michael Salvador 75820 salvador Communication Studies Chair
Sunny Hyon 75834 shyon English Chair
Thomas Davis 75849 tomdavis World Languages & Literatures Interim Chair
Robert Knop 75463 rknop Music Chair
Tony Roy 75870 troy Philosophy Chair
Terry Smith 75892 tdsmith Theatre Arts Chair
Catherine Spencer 73865 cspencer Liberal Studies Coordinator

College of Business and Public Administration

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Lawrence Rose 75700 lrose   Dean
Vipin Gupta 77380 vgupta   Assoc. Dean
Frank Lin 75700 flin International Programs Assoc. Dean
Jake Zhu 75068 jzhu   Int. Assoc. Dean
Craig Seal 75735 cseal Accreditation & Student Svcs Asst. Dean
Taewon Yang 75704 taewon Accounting & Finance Chair
Frank Lin 75700 flin IDS Interim Chair
Mike Stull 73708 mstull Management Chair
Victoria Seitz 75753 vseitz Marketing Chair
Jonathan Anderson 75759 jfanders Public Admin. Chair

College of Education

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Jay Fiene 77621 jfiene   Dean
Todd Jennings 75688 tjennin   Assoc. Dean
Judith Sylva 75628 jsylva Spec. Edu, Rehabilitation & Counseling Chair
Angela Louque 77718 alouque Educational Leadership and Tech. Chair
Juan Gutierrez 73640 jgutierr Teacher Educ. and Foundations Chair

College of Natural Sciences

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Kirsty Fleming 75300 kfleming Dean
Peter Williams 75361 pwilliam Mathematics Assoc. Dean
Michael Chao 75388 mchao Biology Chair
Brett Stanley 73313 bstanley Chemistry & Biochemistry Chair
David Turner 75326 dturner Computer Sci.& Engineering Director
Sally McGill 75347 smcgill Geological Science Interim Chair
Dimitri Tamalis 75341 dimitri.tamalis Health Sciences and H.E Chair
Bryan Haddock 75331 bhaddock Kinesiology Chair
Charles Stanton 75376 cstanton Mathematics Chair
Terese Burch 75385 Terese.Burch Nursing Chair
Paul Dixon 75399 pdixon Physics Chair

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Rafik Mohamed 77500 rafik.mohamed   Dean
Pam Schram 75255 pschram   Assoc. Dean
Deborah Parsons 77364 parsons   Assist. Dean
David Riefer 75589 driefer   Assist. Dean
Pete Robertshaw 75551 proberts Anthropology Chair
Larry Gaines 75508 lgaines Criminal Justice Chair
Eric Nilsson 75564 enilsson Economics Chair
Norman Meek 75563 nmeek Geography and ES Chair
Tiffany Jones 73792 tjones History Chair
Brian Janiskee 75538 janiskee Political Science Chair
Robert Ricco 75485 rricco Psychology Chair
Laurie Smith 73837 lasmith Social Work Director
Ed Collom 73748 collom Sociology Chair
Cherstin Lyon 73836 clyon Social Science, MA Coordinator
Tom Long 73791 tlong Social Science, BA Coordinator