RPT Booklet - Procedures and Criteria for Performance Review and Periodic Evaluation

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RPT Booklet Appendices

Number Description
1 Faculty Activities Report - Format
2 Joint Activity Report - Format
3 Index of Attachments - Format
4A Department Chair Recommendation - Format
4B Department Evaluation Committee Recommendation - Format
5A College Dean Recommendation - Format
5B College Evaluation Committee Recommendation - Format
6 University Evaluation Committee Recommendation - Format
7 Periodic Evaluation For Tenured Faculty, Full-Time Lecturers And First, Third, And Fifth Year Probationary Faculty - Format
8 Periodic Evaluation For Part-Time Faculty - Format
9 Classroom Visitation Report - Format
10A SOTE Overview
10B Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness
10C Faculty Supplemental Comment Form
10D Teaching Improvement Supplemental Questions
11 Timetable For Periodic Evaluation And Performance Review
12 Schedule Of Classroom Visitations (CV) and Student Opinion of Teaching Effectiveness (SOTE) / Student Evaluations Of Supervision Effectiveness